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Dee has been writing poetry and lyrics since she was a teenager and is fascinated by the future of everything. The future of storytelling, the future of education and the future of work.  Her firm belief that people change the world, not governments or institutions is the driver of projects like this one.

"we need to equip the next generation with the empathy and ethics needed to break down imaginary walls to live in harmony with both nature and each other"

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Elizabeth is a passionate artist who loves to bring her love of nature to life on paper. She has been creating art for longer than she can remember, and thankfully her skills have improved drastically since her young beginning.

In addition to art, Elizabeth is also an avid lover of the outdoors. She majored in Environmental Sciences, and has taken pleasure in working interpretative positions in various state and national parks, educating both children and adults about the natural world and the stewardship that is an important part of protecting our planet.