“Kikir of the Walking Trees beautifully combines strong ethics education with an enthralling story and really beautiful illustrations. Essential reading for young children.”

— Jaime Shaw, Ethics Teacher, Bega Valley, Australia


“Kikir of the Walking Trees’ captures the spirit of hope and determination in every adult and child to care for our precious planet. Thoughtful provoking reading for us all.”

— Lyndsey Jones, Mount Pleasant Primary, Christchurch, New Zealand

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To strengthen the capacity of children to make well-grounded ethical decisions based on values that promote respect for other cultures and beliefs.

  1. To empower children to engage in dialogue – to listen and to talk – as a means of developing greater sensitivity to differences and an understanding of others.

  2. To nurture children’s ability to respond to the needs of their societies with an attitude of reconciliation and respect for diversity and to contribute, in this manner, to a culture of peace.

  3. To affirm the possibility of living together, respecting one another in a world of different religious, ethnic and cultural traditions.

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This book combines both scenario based learning with discussion based learning. The aim is for the children to be the leaders in generating the ideas around what they feel should happen in the scenario and for the readers to have the attitude that 'no idea is a bad idea'. 

Topics incllude:

  • Empathy and understanding the motivation of others

  • Responding to needs of different people

  • Living together and respecting other ways of doing things

  • Loss of habitat through man made activity