This open ended illustrated tale is told through the eyes of the plants and animals and is set on a mystical and pristine island facing the threat of over-development. As habitat is lost, the characters are forced to live closer together with fewer resources to share.

Readers are prompted to start a conversation about the scenario and to ask children to use imagination to write an ending. The common themes from these contributions will then lead the plot of the next book.


Kikir is a young sapling and the hero of the story. The readers will hopefully identify with the age of her. She is the one who suggests helping the displaced animals and it’s her idea to bring them all home. Kikir represents the innocence of all children and the untainted decision making and heart strength they possess. We hope Kikir will come to life in the next book as the readers begin to shape her true nature and character by their contributions to the story.


We believe the future of the planet and politics will rely on the imagination of our children, so through this book we have created a scenario for them to ponder and contribute to.

Humans have always faced the challenges that come with greed and development. Globalisation, climate change and war have also brought issues of tolerance to the forefront as more and more people are displaced from their home lands and have to live together and share resources.

There are many examples of our political leaders today making poor decisions based on feeding fear to their populations and justifying actions which breed intolerance.

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